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ABDF Professional Software

Amrita Bigdata Framework (ABDF) is essentially an all integrated framework for effortless BigaData analytics. ABDF is feature rich, providing user community with an easy to use GUI for analysing large data heaps. A few to list are ......

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The whole idea of building ABDF was to make Data Mining more accessible to the spectrum of users outside the range of Data scientists. ABDF is intended to narrow the gap between regular BI and Data Mining. Besides all a novice user will struggle to build a mining...

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Algorithm support in all five execution modes

Intelligent ABDF Framework Controller automatically decides which execution mode to be chosen.

All integrated under one intelligent framework

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News Highlights

Amrita BigData Framework

Pluggable Visualization Engine

  • Visualize data using different charts
  • Support for different trending javascript visualization libraries
  • Support for static and streaming data using node js and message queue
  • Chart components integratable to PFM
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Process Flow Mapper (PFM)

Easy to use Graphical User Interface to build end to end analytical solution

ABDF Data adaptors


Process Elements supported by ABDF

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Application Areas

  • Sentiment Analytics

  • Crime Analytics

  • Clickstream

  • Sensor / Machine Data

  • Geolocations

  • Log Analysis

  • Analyse Unstructured Data

  • Web and Social Media

  • Network Security Analytics

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